How do you know? by Andra Zaharia

Use decisions as anchors (with Val Geisler)

Episode Summary

Val's unique voice is something I look up and seek to learn from. Here's one of the reasons why. Talking to her reminded me that’s where resilience comes from. There are two main sources, in my opinion: 1. Following our inner compass to make the decisions that align with our beliefs 2. Understanding why being true to ourselves is so important, especially when dealing with so much change, inside and out. Understanding why we do the things we do, why we make decisions, and building ourselves according to our values are key habits that keep us grounded, like a tree whose deep roots keep it anchored during countless storms. With time, this internal alignment gets a bit easier and a lot more satisfying. For me, it's growing to be that source of inner balance that I’ve been craving for all my life. I hope listening to Val and learning from her experiences helps you make your best decisions too!

Episode Notes

Val was all about real-life experiences, so here's where you can find out more about her work and process: